The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

Addisyn Carruthers, Reporter

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Personally, for the most part, I believe that the book was pretty interesting. If I were to rate the book out of 10, I would choose 8. Some of the things I didn’t like were when it went to a different sort of perspective to give a lesson of history, or something. It really took my attention away, given the fact that I am not really interested in that area. The only other reason is because of the ending. To me, it didn’t really make sense. What I didn’t understand is how Natasha and Daniel could end up on the same plane. Daniel lived in New York, and Natasha lived in Jamaica after being deported, so how is this possible? Did they both go to the same place for vacation? Did Natasha eventually move back to New York after renewing her Visa? A reason why I liked this book is because of the plot. Most of the story really caught my attention. A boy noticed a girl one day and decided he wanted to get to know her. Natasha had been scheduled to be deported that day, and Daniel was scheduled for an interview to enroll in Yale. They both caught an interest in each other and decided to spend time together the whole day. They both did go to their important events, too. Sadly, a lawyer could not help Natasha not get deported. This part made me furious because Attorney Fitzgerald missed the court session to possibly help her not get deported. He was busy hanging out with his secretary instead of taking care of something important. This book is very interesting. If you enjoyed this summary of the book, I 100% recommend you read it. I hope you liked this review!